XBOX ONE SOLOS! 508 WINS! 12,200 KILLS! Fortnite Battle Royale

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What's up guys! My name is Maddynf. Here you will find mostly live streams, but more videos and vlogs to come in the future! Subscribe and join the MadFam! 

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Be active and supportive in streams. Mods are added periodically when needed.

Please refrain from self-promoting. Self-promotion is disrespectful to the streamer. Be respectful to everyone in the chat.

Donations are greatly appreciated but I do NOT accept ANY donations to play duos or squads, to add back, etc. If you would like to play on stream, stay active in chat and on the channel in general to increase your chances of being selected for the next "playing with viewers" stream. If you would like an add back,  send me a Twitter DM with your gamertag, PSN, or Epic name. I go through DMs occasionally and add people back. Sending a DM is not a guaranteed add back, but I will do my best to add as many people back as possible. You DO NOT have do donate or sponsor to receive aadd back or to play on stream.

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