Super Smash Bros. 64 for Wii U: N64 Skins in Super Smash Bros. Wii U! [Mods]

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The download includes character skins only, and comes with a packed and unpacked version.

(SSB) Mario: [Dreamcaster]
(SSB) Samus:[ Smb123w64gb]
(SSB) Fox: [SunSpirit]
(SSB) Kirby: [Kirby Star]
(SSB) Jigglypuff: [SunSpirit]
(SSB) Luigi: [Desayuno]
(SSB) Captain Falcon: [Smb123w64gb]
(SBB) Ness: [Smb123w64gb]
(Custom) Modern Sonic 64: [Epicwazy]
(OoT) Sheik: [Epicwazy]
(OoT) Ganondorf: [Smb123w64gb]
(Custom) Marth 64: [SunSpirit]
(BK) Banjo: [Dreamcaster]
(MP123) Wario: [Dreamcaster]
(MT) Waluigi: [Dreamcaster]
(Custom) Ryu 64: [Smb123264gb]
(OoT) Nabooru: [Tinsaudia]
(Saturn) Classic Sonic: [Dreamcaster]
(CBFD) Conker: [Dreamcaster]
(PS1) FF7 Overworld Cloud: [CorBond]
(SM64) Super Mario 64: [Desayuno]
(PS1) Crash Bandicoot: [Dreamcaster]
(Ds) Coco Bandicoot: [Milk-Knight]
(Custom???) Ristar 64: [Dreamcaster]
Fighting Polygon Team: [Y.2.K]
Saffron City: [Mastaklo]
Meta Crystal: [smb123w64gb]
Duel Zone: [ThatNintendoNerd]
Smash 64/Melee Mario Voice: [XamadFP]
Smash 64 Fox Voice:[Xuman]
Melee Kirby Voice (There is no N64 Kirby voice mod): [UltraMario]
Smash 64/Melee Luigi Voice: [Gappiman]
Smash 64 Captain Falcon Voice: [Franzeco333]
Smash 64 Ness Voice: [Scolipede]
SADX & SA2B Sonic Voice: [Hyoshido]
Melee Sheik Voice: [Puppet88]
Ocarina of Time Ganondorf Voice: [Stormghetti]
Melee Marth Voice: [_D0ct0r_]
Banjo Voice: [RareSlayer297]
Mario Party Wario Voice: [GAZcos]
Waluigi Voice: [KnightFire]
Conker Voice: [Jasoncrafter82YT]
PS1 Cloud SFX: [RandomGBystander]
Super Mario 64 Voice: [WTails358]
Crash Bandicoot Voice:

N64 Sound Effects: [Nokto20xx]
Smash Bros. 64 Announcer: [KieronC123]
Muted Voices: [VimtoSlush]
Super Smash Bros. 64 Title Screen: [StankKnight]
Smash 64 Samus UI: [Salmon]
Smash 64 Captain Falcon UI: [Salmon]
Smash 64 Ness UI: [Salmon]
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